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Opened: 15/08/2012
Resolved: 30/09/2012


Opened: 22/04/2012
Resolved: 23/04/2012

WebMail Outbound: Gmail blacklisting

We have temporarily been blacklisted from sending email through the RocketHost WebMail to Gmail due to previous abuse of our public SMTP relays.

We are in process of resolving this issue however all outbound email to Gmail email addresses sent from the RocketHost WebMail are currently being blocked.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue and have noted this as a high priority issue to be resolved.

Outbound Email Delays

We have instituted a new email policy with all outbound relayed email.

If you are currently using mail.yourdomain.extension as the outgoing server in your web client then you would have recently noticed that this is no longer working. Please rather use the outgoing SMTP address provided by your internet provider. If you are unsure as to what the SMTP address should be, please look below at the list of addresses based on the internet connection provider:

South Africa

  • MWEB ADSL: or
  • Telkom ADSL: or
  • Telkom Analogue Dial Up: or
  • 8TA (Eita):
  • Vodacom 3G:
  • MTN 3G:
  • Cell C:
  • Iburst:
  • I.S. ADSL:
  • I.S. 3G: or
  • goggaconnect:
  • Neotel:
  • ABSA: or
  • @lantic (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) :
  • NetActive (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) :
  • Polka (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) :
  • Web Africa (ADSL,Dialup, ISDN) :
  • Afrihost ADSL:
  • Cybersmart : or


  • Bt Click:
  • Bt Connect:
  • BT Internet:
  • BT Openworld:
  • Freeserve/Wanadoo:
  • Freeserve:
  • NTL World:
  • Orange: (formally Freeserve and then Wanadoo)
  • Orange (Home):
  • Pipex:
  • Tesco:
  • Tesconet:
  • Tiscali:
  • Virgin:
  • Wanadoo: (Now Orange)
  • Yahoo:

If you are still unsure about which provider to use above, please contact us so that we can assist you with this change.