Email Spam Filtering

About spam filtering

You might have seen those annoying spam emails collecting in your inbox or junk mail folder on a daily basis that you cannot seem to unsubscribe from or get rid of. Even if you do find an unsubscribe link in the email to unsubscribe from, they still manage to come through. A dangerous factor is that if you open the spam email, you might be caught out in a phishing scam or immediately contract a virus on your computer. It might even then spread to your entire work network which can have a devastating effect.

If you are looking to eliminate these harmful emails from your organisation then we have the perfect solution for you at a small cost per month per email address. TruClean is a cloud application that filters SPAM and virus email before it arrives at your computer or business email server. It identifies and blocks up to 99% of all your incoming SPAM.

Note: TruClean sits in the cloud and not on your infrastructure which means no setup fees or installations of software are required. Only changes to your domain (MX) records are required to start using the service. We will send you complete instructions on how to do this once you have signed up. Read more.

Eliminate Spam/Viruses

Our system will monitor all incoming messages and scan them to determine if they contain any SPAM, viruses or malicious content. Our system will then flag and block the messages so that you don't have to. We use top of the range anti-virus so that we always have the latest virus lists to keep your computer or company networks safe from any harmful content.

Email Spooling

The TruClean system will monitor the status of your incoming email to detect if your email server is offline (be it your business or ISP email servers). If it is, TruClean will spool all of your incoming mail until your email servers are back online to receive the new emails. This redundancy is crucial to guarantee email delivery as well as to protect your business reputation.

local servers are lekker

All our servers are locally based which means fast loading websites and even faster sales for you!

Performance Guaranteed

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Setup Fee
Setup Downtime *
List Management †
User Management
Anti Virus ‡
Email Spooling
Hardware Required
Cloud Based
SSL Encrypted
POPI/ECT Compliant
  • Standard
    R 14.99
    per mailbox per month
    Select on Signup
    R 14.99
    per mailbox per month

Setup Downtime *

No email downtime will be experienced when setting up TruClean.

Only changes to your domain (MX) records are required to start using the service. We will send you complete instructions on how to do this once you have signed up. Read more

Once we have created your account in TruClean, we will advise or assist you as to what your ISP needs to change in order to complete the setup.

List Management †

We will provide you with login credentials once setup so that you can login to TruClean and manage your white/black lists as well as your users/email accounts. You will also be able to preview the incoming email on your email account.

No-one except you and your administrator has access to your email.

Anti Virus ‡

TruClean will check for new updates on the hour. TruClean features a multi-layered Anti-Virus protection system:

  1. Strong Perimeter Level Security, filters up to 90% of virus infection threats at the perimeter level
  2. F-Secure Hydra – signature-based
  3. Kaspersky AVP - heuristic and signature based
  4. Zero-Hour™ outbreak detection
  5. Virus carrier blocking - strong anti-virus infection protection policy over email content (email attachments)
  6. HTML Malicious code detection (HTML Tags module)



Thank you for all your help. Your support and service are excellent!


Configuration for TruClean

Once you have purchased a TruClean plan, you will need to change your domain MX records to point to the TruClean servers so that we can start filtering your email. The server address will be provided to you once you have purchased a TruClean plan.

If you are unsure of how to change the MX records then please request this from your current ISP / domain registration company or you can contact us for further support.