Offsite Backups

Desktop / Laptop / Mac


Attix5 includes a process of intelligent data filtering and selection, which prioritises backups and, after the initial backup of all data, only backs up changes in data, thereby decreasing the backup window dramatically. In addition, a trickle transfer system, which reduces bandwidth usage by up to 98%, has been adopted to alleviate strain on bandwidth.

Powered by Attix5

Attix5 Backup Professional enables automatic backup of data from desktop, PCs, notebooks, and Servers running Windows or Mac to an off-site data centre via a Local Area Network or Internet connection.

Operating System Compatibility

The Backup Professional Desktop/Laptop Edition is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2), MAC OS X (10.6—10.8).


Recover critical data in seconds from your workstation or remotely. Select data to restore and data to exclude from the restore process, and then start the recovery at the click of a button.

Scalable and flexible

One to thousands of workstations and/or servers running different operating systems can be backed up to a central off-site or local data centre (Storage Platform) and managed via a single console.

Automatic Backups

Up-to-the-minute backup schedules ensure automatic and regular backups without user intervention, eliminating the highest risk posed to the backup process – human error.


Include or exclude files and folders individually or use profiling and filters to automate file inclusions and exclusions based on filename or file type.


Backup Professional makes use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol standard for secure data transmission (1024 bit RSA key exchange, 128 bit RC5 stream cipher and SHA-1 integrity checking). Data is stored on the Storage Platform using 448-bit Blowfish encryption in CBC mode.


Duplicate files are eliminated on the fly across all Backup Accounts, saving bandwidth and storage space. This means that if two separate work stations backup the exact same file, the system will recognize this and only backup one of the files eliminating extra bandwidth usage.
Monthly Backup Limit *
Incremental Backups †
Data Compression
Auto Daily Backups
Secret Encryption Key ‡
Data 100% Encrypted
448-bit Encryption
Powered by ATTIX5
Dynamic and manual
data selection
Off-site storage support
Once-off daily & advanced
backup schedules
Backup throttle
Snapshot backups
& restores
Command-line interface
(CLI) control
Microsoft Volume Shadow
Copy Service (VSS)
Backup Client Over
Limit notifications
Full backup set or
selective data recovery
File search — available
locally & remotely
Alternative destination
Recreate directory
Overwrite files
Source and target-based
data de-duplication
Data compression
(in transit & storage)
Backup resumes
Run backups in
Incremental Backups
Central administration
Network detection
Nested Backup Groups
& Collections
Account limit &
overspill control
Account expiry control
& notifications
Automatic Backup
Client upgrades
Dynamic Profiling
Remote Management
Month-end backup
retention control
Retries and timeouts
Reports (Standard,
Enterprise & customisable)
SSL protocol encrypted
network communications
Advanced Encryption
Standard (AES)
Adjustable Backup Client
user permissions
Integrity Checks (Stored
data validations)

Monthly Backup Limit *

Monthly Backup Limit – This will be determined by how much data you would like to backup initially as well as on a monthly basis. For example, if you choose the Micro plan then you will only be able to backup a maximum of 1GB of you files/data on your computer. This means that if you initially backup 750MB of data, you will have 250MB left of space on Attix5 to backup new files/data (in addition to your 750MB) on a monthly basis.

Since a small percentage of the initial bulk backup is backed up by Attix5 on an ongoing basis, large bandwidth requirements are not required. We will also monitor changes and should users require an upgrade to a higher plan, then we can institute the upgrade immediately.

Incremental Backups †

Incremental Backups – Attix5 only backups 5-10% of the initial backup as it monitors ongoing changes from the original and only backups the changes.

Secret Encryption Key ‡

Secret Encryption Key – Each backup account requires a secret encryption key for added security. You have the option of allowing us to file the encryption key in case your key is lost or required by management.



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